RITA | Rockaway Beach: Art and Adaptive Capacity Post-Hurricane Sandy

Rockaway Beach: Art and Adaptive Capacity Post-Hurricane Sandy

Edited by Chris Viaggio

First edition of 125
Perfect bound soft cover
6 x 8.25 inches
226 pages
27 color plates and 66 black and white plates


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With contributions from:

Loney Abrams, Nadia Belerique, Klaus Biesenbach, Brent Birnbaum, Brett Branco, Michael Connor, Jenni Crain, Eva Díaz, Jeanne DuPont, Roe Ethridge, Tom Finkelpearl, Ian Gerson, Esther Grillo, Robyn Hillman-Harrigan, Lili Huston-Herterich, Shannon Jackson, Laurie Kang, Carol P. Kaplan, Lawrence Kaplan, Nathan Kensinger, Heather Kramer, Marie Lorenz, Emil R. Lucev Sr., Jared Madere, Joshua Ogogo, Geoff Rawling, Johnny Stanish, Diwa Tamrong, Milan Taylor, Frank Traynor, Josmar Trujillo, Caitlin Van Dusen, and John R. Waldman

Excerpt from Chris Viaggio’s preface:

Positioning Hurricane Sandy as a benchmarked point of reference to gather the here-accumulated content in relation to, while maintaining a simultaneous consideration of its more latent and presently manifesting effects on this land and its culture, allows the group of texts as voices to outline a history of Rockaway that hopefully jogs memories and provides enough factual information to provide a solid ground for a variety of possible readers to securely stand on. If there is any success in this regard, new thoughts may be encouraged in the vein of collaboration and cross-disciplinarity, utilizing the dynamism which characterizes our city as an amalgamation of many richly distinct and varied neighborhoods toward the protection of its future.

Sometimes it takes a sudden drop-off, or gap in the flow of productivity, to be able to reassess where and why one is making—and an adaptation of ideologies which may have formed in sensible response to previous conditions, can morph to tend to what has become locally apparent in the present.

Read about the book in Rockaway’s local newspaper, The Wave, here.